Homemade Woodpecker Repellents

Woodpeckers are known as the most irritating birds as they dont only eat the fruit from the trees but also dig up holes in them and in all other wooden objects that would create a big problem. People want to get rid of them not just because of their unnecessary presence and their feces but one more feature of them creating a mess out of wooden objects and producing noisy sounds make them the most annoying. Along with many value-added products to keep these woodpeckers away, some homemade repellent and deterrent sprays could also play a positive role in this regard. 

Homemade repellents to get rid of woodpeckers:

Many people use various homemade repellents to keep the woodpeckers away, but the most effective among them could be defined as;

Distracting and scary objects:

Objects that distract or scare away the woodpeckers could be made at home, few of them may include:

Reflecting CDs:

Wall hangings containing the CDs hanged on the rope or any other hanging material could be installed at the places from where you want to keep the woodpeckers away. These CDs would distract them from their reflection.

Placing decoys:

Placing decoys of the owls or the hawk kites around your house may repel the woodpeckers to head towards it as they are afraid of them. Scary balloons could also be used in this regard.

Noise-producing repellents:

Woodpeckers produce their sounds by pecking on the trees or other wooden objects. So they don't like the noisy sounds of any other thing. Placing the sound bells or the speakers that could produce noisy sounds can help getting rid of these birds.

Disturb their roosting:

Ones distracted by the place of their roosting, the woodpeckers or any other birds will avoid coming towards that place again. Various methods could be adopted to make the roosting of woodpeckers annoying for them, these methods may include; making their surface rough or sticky by placing sticky material or stones or any other rough material over there, their homes could be showered with water, they could be uninstalled by throwing any substance over them, etc.

Homemade deterrent sprays for woodpeckers:

Cheese sprayed with hot pepper placed at the place where woodpeckers are expected to be could help them stay away from that place once they will eat that hot cheese.

Make a mixture of water and excess of Tabasco or any other hot sauce and spray out this spray at the places where woodpecker has made holes or is expected to peck again. When it will approach that place again for pecking, the mixture of hot sauces will make it fly away as the woodpeckers dont like sauces at all and it will never peck their again.


Homemade repellents and deterrents could be effective in getting rid of woodpeckers but these homemade remedies would sometimes fail to produce good results. In such cases it is not the methods to be blamed but their proper execution. So, if followed accurately, these methods would be beneficial.

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