How to Get Mice Out of Your Car

If you have mice inside your car, it will be a problem if you dont get rid of them fast. Mice reproduce easily and you need to take action immediately.

If they find your car a source of shelter and food, you might be in big trouble. They will not leave your car easily and they can invite other mice in.

Here are some ways on how you can get rid of mice inside your car:

Mousetraps are tried and true methods when you want to get rid of rodents. You should set mouse traps inside your car when you are not using it. Make sure to remove them afterward as you or your family might get hurt when you might accidentally step on them.

If you are comfortable with poison, you can use it to kill mice. Most people will find it cruel to kill a mouse gently. However, if there are an uncontrollable number of mice inside your car already, the surest way that every one of them will be exterminated is by using poison. Just dont place the bait out in the open. You can place it inside your engine or inside the back of your car. You have to wash your hands thoroughly after handling poison. Store poison containers in a place where it is out of children's reach. You have to label them so that they wont be used accidentally. 

You might have heard other methods of getting rid of mice inside your car. You might want to use strobe lights so that they will find their environment uncomfortable. However, mice can easily adapt to their environment and will just simply ignore the strobe lights when they see them. You might also hear about using kitty litter to deter mice. However, this can cause your car to smell awful. You might be better off using a live cat to exterminate mice. The rat terriers are dogs which can easily hunt mice and other rodents. You can keep them as a pet to prevent further mice intrusions.

You also have the option of calling a professional exterminator. They can get rid of mice in the long term. They know all the best hiding places of mice. They can save you a lot of time in locating a mouse home. They are trained to catch even the most evasive of mice. They know all the escape tactics of mice and they certainly have the tools to catch them. They can certainly seal the entrance points of mice and you might even get some instructions if you want to do it yourself. The good thing about hiring a professional is he or she can follow up a few weeks after the first session. You can have peace of mind that mice will not be a problem anymore in the future.

Mice can chew on wires inside your car. The damage can cause you to spend a lot of money for the repairs. Hiring a professional is way cheaper than getting your car fixed.

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